The First Step Towards the Practice of Precision Psychiatry

Major depressive disorder and other psychiatric disorders present complex symptoms with numerous etiologies, multiple clinical manifestations, and complex comorbidities.  The first step towards the practice of precision psychiatry is founded on a patient’s comprehensive neuropsychiatric evaluation. 


Dr. Gupta has 4 board certifications in psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, and sleep medicine. His extensive credentials, training, and experience enable him to conduct a comprehensive neuropsychiatric evaluation. He understands the patient’s clinical history, including its correlations with the patient’s genetics, early childhood experiences, psychosomatic manifestations, neurological and cognitive changes, and the bidirectional relationship of sleep with mind and body. Besides the initial evaluation, Dr Gupta’s center is equipped with diagnostic technologies like: full sleep lab (PSG and home sleep testing); genetic testing, Brain qEEG testing, fNIRS and cognitive testing among others. 

A comprehensive understanding of a patient’s brain, mind and body in health and illness is crucial in developing a precise treatment plan.  Psychotherapy and use of psychotropic medications remain the two major pillars of psychiatric care, but unfortunately more than one third of patients are clearly not helped. The third pillar of treatment is ‘neuromodulation’ which has been FDA approved since 2008, and such treatment is covered by all insurance plans. Dr. Gupta’s center has two different TMS treatment systems, Apollo and Magventure, which use cutting-edge brain stimulation therapy to help those ‘difficult to treat patients’ with depression, anxiety, OCD and other psychiatric disorders. His center also offers Ketamine and psychedelics-assisted psychotherapy which is another major advancement in helping patients with ‘treatment resistant’ depression and anxiety disorders.

Unlike most psychiatrists (who refuse to take medical insurance plans), Dr. Gupta’s practice does accept major insurance plans (like your PCP or internists) so that he can treat a greater number of patients with severe psychiatric illnesses who may have limited financial means. He continues to be listed among “Top Doctors” in NY for the last 10 years because of his outstanding credentials and a state-of-the-art medical center offering compassionate care to so many patients.

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