Patient informational brochures for download about TMS Therapy

Apollo TMS Brocure

The Apollo Difference

This brochure describes what is different, effectiveness and advantages and walks you through a basic treatment plan for TMS Therapy.

Apollo TMS Brochure

TMS - Patients & Relatives

This pamphlet is a brief introduction to TMS and to MagVenture TMS Therapy, and includes a detailed FAQ to help you understand how TMS can help you.

Apollo TMS Brochure

TMS for OCD - An Introduction

This brochure describes what to expect when considering TMS treatment for OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Apollo TMS Brochure

Patient Questionaire for TMS Therapy

This questionnaire is for people who are about to undergo TMS therapy, to gather health information

Apollo TMS Brochure

TMS Treatment Plan

This pamphlet outlines what to expect your TMS Treatment plan to look like and a generalized timeline.

Apollo TMS Brochure

Infographic about TMS

A small cartoon that depicts how and why you might need to consider TMS Therapy.