Patient’s going through TMS therapy for depression or OCD etc are encouraged to have a weekly session with Dr Gupta. Weekly monitoring during the TMS therapy session tends to maximize the therapeutic outcome for good reasons:

  1. During weekly sessions, a review of patient’s TMS experience, discussion of therapeutic gains ( review of depression scales scores), any side effects are discussed so that patient can receive appropriate recommendations for dealing with any side effects.
  2. It is important to review their sleep, engaging in daily routines, and changes in medications as all these factors can affect the efficacy of TMS. Appropriate recommendations are made to enhance the TMS efficacy.
  3. Based on patients TMS experience with TMS, appropriate changes are made in TMS protocol to have the maximum therapeutic outcome.
  4. During the weekly sessions, a brief discussion of ‘CBT psychotherapy’ with focus on ‘current thoughts, feelings and beliefs’ is made. Current research indicates the focus on specific thoughts and feelings during the TMS session tends to enhance the therapeutic outcome because TMS neuromodulation seems to be most effective when symptoms specific brain networks are actively engaged during the TMS session.