& have a DEMO of TMS during office visit:

  • The first step towards TMS Rx is scheduling an appointment for comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. During this consultation, we will review your symptoms, treatment history, depression rating scales and possible diagnostic testing like lab work, genetic studies (Genomind testing) and sleep studies if needed. Based on this comprehensive evaluation, a appropriate TMS treatment plan will be recommended.
  • Dr Gupta and our highly trained TMS coordinator will answer all your questions to make sure you are adequately educated and get to know what to expect during TMS treatment.
  • You can also opt to have brief demo of ‘experience of TMS session’.
  • In case you qualify for a TMS treatment, our office will seek TMS treatment authorization from your medical insurance. This may take few days and once approved, our office will contact you for scheduling the first TMS session for determining the ‘TMS motor threshold’. During this session Dr Gupta will be spending over an hour to go over the details of actual TMS treatment and also determine: exactly where to stimulate on the head (left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex) and how much to stimulate by determination of Motor threshold.