Your Sleep, TMS, and Mind-Body Wellness Expert Near Long Island

I am Dr Gupta, medical director of Sleep TMS and Wellness Center located near Long Island

Our mission is to offer ‘personalized psychiatric care’ and pursue “precision psychiatry” by harnessing the cutting-edge technologies and innovative treatments. Traditional psychotherapy and use of psychiatric medications does not help more than one third of all the patients with major depression, OCD and anxiety disorders.

Our center offers ‘interventional psychiatry’ treatments like TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) by 
using the magnetic fields to stimulate the specific brain circuits (as guided by MRI images) associated with mood and anxiety disorders. We also offer innovative treatments like the use of psychedelics like ketamine in a very therapeutic environment. This center also offers “Sleep Medicine” services with home sleep testing as well as PSG studies done in lab. The precision psychiatry involves use of diagnostic testing like ‘Genomind genetic testing, computerized cognitive testing, brain EEG testing, laboratory blood testing etc.

I and my staff believe in providing compassionate care and building long term therapeutic relationships.

Long Island Sleep, TMS, and Mind-Body Wellness Services

Long Island is a densely populated island in southeastern New York State, constituting a significant share of the New York metropolitan area in terms of both population and land area. With over eight million inhabitants as of 2020, it is the most populous island in the United States and the 18th-most populous island in the world. The island begins at New York Harbor and extends 118 miles (190 km) eastward into the North Atlantic Ocean with a maximum north-south width of 23 miles (37 km). With a land area of 1,401 square miles (3,630 km2), it is the largest island in the contiguous United States.

Long Island is divided among four counties, with Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, and Nassau occupying its western third, and Suffolk its eastern two-thirds.