Moving towards practice of Precision Psychiatry

Dr Gupta, is medical director of Sleep TMS and Wellness Center (STW). The center’s mission is to offer a ‘personalized psychiatric care’ with a goal to move towards “precision psychiatry” by harnessing the cutting-edge technologies and innovative treatments. Traditional psychotherapy and use of psychiatric medications helps less than two thirds of all the patients with major depression, OCD and anxiety disorders (conclusion from the national Star-D trial, a significant research study on depression treatment).


Every new patient is first personally evaluated by Dr Gupta, who is quadruple board certified in psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, sleep medicine and psychosomatic medicine. His excellent credentials and extensive experience allow him for a very ‘comprehensive initial evaluation’ which is the first step in the direction of providing personalized care. Besides having expertise in psychopharmacology, the center offers ‘interventional psychiatry’ treatments like TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation, FDA approved for use since 2008) by using the magnetic fields to stimulate the specific brain regions involved in mood and anxiety disorders. These brain regions are precisely targeted for brain stimulation guided by MRI images. We also offer other innovative treatments like the use of psychedelics, like ketamine in a very therapeutic environment and are provided under strict medical supervision. Psychedelic assisted psychotherapy is gaining momentum for better long term therapeutic outcomes.

STW center also offers “Sleep Medicine” services with home sleep testing as well as PSG studies done in lab and provide diagnostic and therapeutic service for various sleep disorders. Precision psychiatry also involves use of diagnostic testing like ‘Genomind genetic testing, computerized cognitive testing, brain EEG testing, fNIRS (detection of brain blood flow changes in depression) and laboratory blood testing etc.

Dr Gupta and his staff provide compassionate care and believe in building long-term therapeutic relationships.

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