Last Updated: October 15th, 2021

At Sleep TMS & Wellness Center (STW), the health and safety of our patients and staff is our top priority. At present we are open to ‘in-person’ as well as telemedicine (virtual) visits with following COVID-19 policy in place:

Vaccination policy:

  • To ensure the health and safety of our patients, all STW employees are vaccinated.
  • All patient’s interested in person visit for any treatments are required to declare their immunization status (Covid-19 vaccination card) and highly recommended to have prior immunization. In case patients are not yet immunized for Covid-19, they are recommended to have telemedicine sessions.


For office visits we are following the CDC recommendations on a regular basis in managing the office operations, which include:

  • Patients and staff are required to wear the face mask all the time, with due reminder for the same on the front door of the office. Anyone not having a mask is welcome to get one from the office. Wearing a mask is a requirement even in spite of being vaccinated because of ‘breakthrough’ Covid-19 infections.
  • Covid-19 screening is done by routine questionnaires as well as temperature screening using infrared thermometer at office entrance.
  • Office has Purell dispensers at office entrance and other places in office.
  • Whenever possible, family members are asked to refrain from waiting in our patient waiting areas, instead they are requested to wait in their cars to reduce crowding and maintain appropriate social distancing


If you are not vaccinated, a virtual visit will be your best option. Virtual sessions enable you to get psychiatric care from the safety of your home.

  • We use a program called the Doxy or Facetime. A link to ‘Doxy telemedicine’ program is sent in advance to all patients a day before their appointments; it’s done automatically by our EMR program which sends a Doxy link as text message to your phone.

Genetic testing, CNS testing, distribution of home sleep study machines, and in person sleep studies are available to those patients who are vaccinated, or willing to provide a negative Covid-19 test result prior to entering the office suite.

For ongoing TMS & Ketamine (Spravato) treatments and PSG lab studies, a proof of vaccination is required.